Stokesley & District



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Thank you to those who have already offered!

These are held on the second Wednesday of every month at Stokesley Town Hall starting at 2pm with refreshments available for 1.30pm.

Meet & greet - Welcome members on arrival and ensure everyone signs in on the members’ register. We need a pool of members who are willing to do this.

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A man with a tray of tea and biscuits in a farmhouse style kitchen.

Take the tea/coffee etc to the meeting-There is a rota of groups to organise the refreshments but we need someone to be responsible for bringing the requirements to the meetings. The tea/coffee needs to be brought to every meeting and replenished when necessary and milk needs to be bought.

Setting up AV equipment - Setting up the laptop and projector. We need a pool of people to go on a rota. Check that all equipment is working, ensure software is updated, liaise with those who use the equipment to facilitate collection and delivery. Further details on request.

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